Policy on Faith-Based Claims

People in Bay Area Skeptics come from diverse backgrounds and professions, and represent all age groups. The interest that we share is a realization that rational thought and reason are of paramount importance in these times, and that we can ill afford to discount the marvels of the scientific process.

One of our basic tenets holds that we're concerned only with what's testable. We're absolutely not a religious or antireligious group. We respect the religious and nonreligious beliefs of others, and recognize that spirituality is based on faith and is not testable.

Consequently, spirituality in itself is of no interest to Bay Area Skeptics, and we welcome people who identify themselves as spiritual. If, however, a spiritual leader or spiritual group makes a testable claim, then that claim ceases to be a matter of faith and, as such, might be an area of interest to Bay Area Skeptics.