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The SciSchmooze... more than an Eclipse 8.14.17

Greetings Science Fans,

Are you caught up in the eclipse frenzy? Regretting that you have decided to go and deal with the largest traffic jam in history? Happy you already have plans? Thinking there might still be a way to go? The next week may have as much coverage of the eclipse as some very unfortunate things going on in politics which will be a nice break! Check below for a bit more eclipse info.

Special congratulations go out to  Tucker Hiatt and WONDERFEST. Last evening they had their 20th Anniversary celebration at Google! It featured a trialogue on the topic “What is the most wonderful feature of reality?” featuring  Alex Filippenko and  Richard Zare with Tucker Hiatt sitting in for Eugenie Scott who unfortunately was unable to attend. Note to other organizations: This was a great format. You might want to consider having some discussions with multiple presenters who don’t always agree. After all, that happens a lot in science. Check out . . .

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