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Hotter with the SciSchmooze 6.19.17

Greetings Science Fans,

OK, I’m ready for winter! It will take awhile to acclimate to the heat. Of course  anthropogenic climate change is a  different story. I know we are not about politics here but  this was 5 months ago. How’s it working out so far?  In Public Understanding Of Science, Alternative Facts Are The Norm.

It was great to meet so many of you at SkeptiCal last week. I think all that went will agree that it was an excellent way to spend a Sunday. If you went, please complete the survey that was sent out to you. I’m already looking forward to next year. Speaking of next year: Some things do take some extra planning. Are you or do you know someone who is between 12 and 18 and will be living in the Bay Area for the next school year? The Bay Area Air Quality Management District as several spots available and would like some Bay Area Youth to  Join the YES Conference Student Advisory Council - applications close July 31.

As many are in the graduation mode these days, I think this is  worth the time to read, go ahead, think about it. Here’s another bit of eclipse info to think about as well.  Just what will it look like here in the Bay Area? I love the creativity of scientists, artists, and engineers. They come up with so many ways of exploring an idea and bringing it to the rest of us. Here’s two nice...

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