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DON'T PANIC with the SciSchmooze 2.12.18

Happy Week of Science!

Sometimes I just get so excited about what science does for us. It helps us harness the resources of the world so that we may live better lives. (Sadly not all get to benefit from this and some actually use this against us, or try to get more than their share.) It inspires us to keep learning and figuring out more about this amazing planet and solar system. It helps us figure out how life works and helps us heal and live more fruitful lives.

Sometimes though it just makes many of us yell and cheer. We might jump up and down in the office. We might stand in awe at something that hasn't been done before, or in a long time. It might even make us laugh at the crazy beauty of it all. I had one of those experiences last week and I'd bet many of you did to. How can you not do all of the above when someone puts his shiny red car...

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