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Greetings Fans of Science,

It seems like the week has gone pretty quick and there are some cool opportunities to see the best of what science has to offer coming up. But first I want to share a couple of articles about good, or in this case bad, science. We really do need to be able to recognize both. I think though that it might be slightly more important to recognize bad science. If we can't recognize it we might just be tricked into something dangerous to our understanding of life and this amazing universe we share with X number of life forms here and on other planets. (Of course that is assuming that life can only occur on a planet!) For instance, that old standby that just won't go away, vaccinations. Bad Science Episode 1 – Why Size Matters to be able to recognize bad research one clue is study size. Consider Bad Science Episode 2 – What Is A Study And Why We Care. There are threats to us and science in high places!

There's a lot going on with space these days. TESS is leaving very soon on top of a Falcon 9 rocket. Launch is set for 3:32:07-3:32:37 p.m. PDT on Monday. InSight will be launched from Vandenberg on May, 5 4:05-6:05 a.m. PDT. We won't see much but the folks in SoCal will have some great views of the launch. Be sure to watch for news on TESS. More great science is going to space both with TESS and InSight. InSight is on the road right now as the InSight Mars Roadshow. The great news is that the roadshow will be stopping in San Francisco at the...

explOratorium from this Wed 4.18 until Sun 4.22. Thursday evening will have a special live webcast as part of After Dark.

Also happening this Wed, 4.18, tickets go on sale for the 38th Annual Lick Observatory Summer Series Tickets go on sale this year on April 18th (April 11th for FoLO members). This makes being a FoLO member an easy yes!

This is the busy time for informal science in the SF Bay Area. There are 151 listings for the next 2 weeks! If you can't find something truly inspiring with this I don't know what to say. Let me make a few suggestions though!

  1. Talking About the Hard Stuff: Bringing Evolution and Race Into America’s Classrooms and Homes Mon 7:00 SF
  2. Expand Her Potential in Science Sat 1:00 Berkeley
  3. A Universe of Universes? Sat 8:00 Sausalito

So 3 presentations out of 151 is less than 2%! I can't abide…

IndieBio Demo Day at Herbst Theater Tue 2:00 SF

Nature in the City: Conversations About Landscape Wed 6:00 SF

What Are We Protecting Mars From - And Why Do We Bother? Thu 7:00 Menlo Park

CalDay 2018 Sat 9:00 Berkeley

Sorry but there are just too many to make me choose that harshly!

Considering what the world is like these days it is interesting to look back in history. Just 55 years ago things were quite a bit different. The Cold War was fueling the space race. Did you know there was a plan to put a ring of copper around the earth?

Here's a potential new art form. With the decommissioning of nuclear power plants ramping up there seems to be a new artistic outlet in the making. All of this talk of space travel only makes me want to go even more. Sadly I don't think I'll ever get more than 7 or 8 miles from the planet. Thank goodness we have incredible science and technology to help us get a bit farther away. While I'll never make it there, I'll have to settle for a Tour of the Moon that may actually let me see more of it better. Likewise there are some amazing ways to see a lot of our own home planet (be sure to hit the teleport when you go).

Here's a final commentary… "Stop Cherry Picking Science"

Have a great week learning cool new things and inspiring others to do this as well!

herb masters

I hope that someday we can let science stand independent of politics and religion. Let it just be science, the best tool for any job at hand.

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