Bay Area Skeptics

The San Francisco Bay Area's skeptical organization since 1982

Ticket Sales Are Open

The Northern California conference on science and skepticism

Tickets are limited and prices go up on April 15. Get your tickets early! Ticket sales are at

Discount and t-shirts for SkeptiCal are available to Patrons of Bay Area Skeptics. Click here to support critical thinking and get a discount for this year’s conference.

This year’s program includes:

  • In Conversation with Mary Roach, author of “Stiff”, “Spook”, “Bonk”, and “Packing for Mars”
  • Jen Gunter, Obstetrician, Gynecologist, and author of “The Vagina Bible” on Women’s Health
  • Susan Gerbic, Wikipediatrician & Skeptical Activist on Grief Vampires
  • Ross Blocher, “Oh No, Ross and Carrie!” Podcaster on Justifying Belief
  • Pamela Ronald, Plant Pathologist & Geneticist on Plant Genetics and the Future of Food
  • Thomas Westbrook, “Holy Koolaid” YouTuber on Fighting Pseudoscience at Scale
  • Our own Bill Patterson hosting another round of Skepardy! with special guests…

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