Billion Year Walk Volunteers

We are falling short. Over 40% of volunteer workshifts have yet to be filled. Spread the Word: We need volunteers to sign up for multiple time slots and get friends and family to sign up. We need volunteers to sign up for the 2019 Billion Year Walk around Oakland’s Lake Merritt on Saturday, July 27, and for positions on July 20 & 21.

This event is co-sponsored by the University of California Museum of Paleontology, the National Center for Science Education, the Frederick E. Hart Foundation for Educational Opportunity, and the Bay Area Skeptics.

We have positions for science docent volunteers, and we have positions for other volunteers.

Minimum qualifications for science docents:
    • Degree or equivalent in Geology, Biology, Paleontology, Climatology, or similar
    • Good verbal communication skills

Minimum qualifications for other volunteers:
    • Appreciation for the importance of good science education
    • Pulse

People from all segments of our community will be walking around Lake Merritt throughout the day as families, couples, and individuals. They will read signposts stationed around the Lake with information on the natural history of Earth during the last billion years. Each of the 42 signs has one or more QR codes, mostly for Wikipedia pages. The goals of the Billion Year Walk are to provide the general public with a science experience and to introduce them to Deep Time.


FIRST:   Familiarize yourself with tasks and workshift times using these two docs

    Volunteer Packet

    Staffing Spreadsheet


SECOND:   Signup for the workshifts you want. There were over 70 workshifts available before people began taking them. Take as many workshifts as you can without time overlaps.



THIRD:   Get your friends to also sign up. Post a few flyers where they will do the most good.



FOURTH:   Do not be late for the 9:30am meeting on Saturday, July 27 at the Rotary Science Center. (You already know where that is because you read the Volunteer Packet.)


Questions? Text or call David Almandsmith at 510-304-4071