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CSICon Las Vegas
European Skeptics Congress
NECSS New York City
New Zealand Skeptics Conference
Skepkon Germany
SkeptiCal California
Skepticon Australia
WeCanReason Canada

Back to the Vax – Lydia Greene & Heather Simpson
Be Reasonable – Michael Marshall
Big Picture Science – Seth Shostak & Molly Bentley
Oh No – Ross & Carrie – Ross Blocher & Carrie Poppy
Point of Inquiry – Jim Underdown
Rationally Speaking – Julia Galef
Skepchick – Rebecca Watson
Skeptically Yours – Emery Emery & Heather Henderson
Skeptics Guide to the Universe – Steven Novella et al.
Skeptics with a K – Hayley Stevens, Michael Marshall, et al.
Skeptoid – Brian Dunning
Squaring the Strange – Ben Radford, Pascual Romero, & Celestia Ward
The Geologic Podcast – George Hrab
The Reality Check – Producer Pat, Christina Roach, et al.
The Skeptic Zone – Richard Saunders

Association for Skeptical Enquiry United Kingdom
Atlanta Skeptics GA
Atlantic Association for Scientific Information Paris France
Australian Skeptics
Backyard Skeptics Orange County CA
Baltimore Secular Humanists
Belgian Committee for the Critical Analysis of Parasciences
Center For Inquiry Argentina
Center For Inquiry China
Center For Inquiry Ottawa Canada
Center For Inquiry Western New York
Círculo Escéptico Spain
Colorado Skeptics Denver CO
Czech Skeptics Club Sisyfos
European Council of Skeptical Organisations
Glasgow Skeptics Scotland
Good Thinking Society England
Hampshire Skeptics Society Winchester NH
Hong Kong Skeptics in the Pub China
Idaho Skeptics & Atheists ID
Italian Committee for the Control of Claims on Pseudosciences Padova Italy
Kansas City Skeptics MO
Les Sceptiques du Québec Canada
Madison Skeptics WI
Maharashtra Superstition Eradication Committee India
Merseyside Skeptics Society Liverpool England
Michigan Skeptics Association
Minnesota Skeptics
Monterey County Skeptics CA
National Capital Area Skeptics DC
New Mexicans for Science and Reason
New York City Skeptics
North Bay Skeptics Santa Rosa CA
North Texas Skeptics
NZ Skeptics New Zealand
Oklahoma Skeptics Society
Oregonians for Science & Reason OR
Organization Against Quackery The Netherlands
Peruvian Rationalist Humanist Institute Lima Peru
Philadelphia Association for Critical Thinking
Philadelphia Skeptics in the Pub
Phoenix Area Skeptics Society AZ
Polish Society of Scientific Skeptics
Portuguese Skeptic Community Portugal
R.E.A.S.O.N. Nebraska
Rationalists of East Tennessee
Rhode Island Skeptics
Romania Rationalist Society
Sacramento Area Skeptics CA
Salt City Skeptics Salt Lake City UT
Santa Cruz County Skeptics CA
Science and Public Education Sweden
Seattle Skeptics & Science Enthusiasts WA
S.E.V.A.S.H. Hampton VA
Silicon Valley Skeptics San Jose CA
SKEPP Belgium
Skepsis Finland
Skepsis Netherlands
Skepsis Norway
Skeptics Canada Toronto Canada
Society for the Advancement of Critical Thinking Spain
Society of Skeptics NJ
Springfield Skeptics MO
Suncoast Skeptics Sarasota FL
Swedish Skeptics Association
Tampa Bay Skeptics FL
Triangle Skeptics Raleigh NC
Wellington Skeptics in the Pub NZ
West Virginia Skeptics Society

Pensar Argentina
Skepter Belgium
Skeptic U.S.A.
Skeptica Denmark
Skeptical Inquirer U.S.A.
Skeptiker (in German)
Skeptikko Finland
The Skeptic United Kingdom