Bay Area Skeptics Founded

Originally published in BASIS
June 1982

From the germ of an idea to realization took just slightly over one month. In today's red-tape-ridden world, that accomplishment borders on the fantastic.

Some of the skeptics in the Bay Area have kept in close contact with others of a similar persuasion. There had become an increasing awareness that we are building a cadre of people interested in critically examining claims of the paranormal.

If that last sentence sounds familiar, take heart. It i

Previous SkepTalks

[caption id="attachment_1612" align="aligncenter" width="220"] Brad Hoge, Ph.D.[/caption] WHAT: The Bitter M&Ms of Climate Change: Misconceptions and Misinformation NCSE's teacher ambassador program has operated under the catch phrase "turning misinformation into educational opportunities" or TMEO. But the M in TMEO can also refer to misconceptions. The program uses misconception-based pedagogy to inoculate students against the misinformation about climate change they encounter from sources such as the Heartland Institute and some fairly high-profile politicians, so either word actually works. And it's not simply that I can't decide which word I like best. There is a method to my madness and it has to do with the power the chimeric M provides when explaining the impact of our approach. Join me at the next Skeptics meeting and I'll let you in on the secret. WHO: Brad Hoge, Ph.D. Brad Hoge has a doctorate in ecology and evolutionary biology, a

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