Bay Area Skeptics Founded

Originally published in BASIS
June 1982

From the germ of an idea to realization took just slightly over one month. In today's red-tape-ridden world, that accomplishment borders on the fantastic.

Some of the skeptics in the Bay Area have kept in close contact with others of a similar persuasion. There had become an increasing awareness that we are building a cadre of people interested in critically examining claims of the paranormal.

If that last sentence sounds familiar, take heart. It i

Previous SkepTalks

[caption id="attachment_19057" align="aligncenter" width="260"] John Mashey[/caption] WHAT:  Machineries of Doubt: Climate, Cigarettes & Confusion Well-informed skepticism is crucial, especially in an era of Internet-amplified mis/disinformation often employed to create doubts about well-established science. That was famously the case with Big Tobacco’s use of PR agencies, front groups and think tanks, but climate doubt creation turns out to use the same tactics and often the same people. This talk examines the organized structure, tactics and groups who abuse good skepticism to manufacture doubt about science. Some call themselves “skeptics” on climate science, in abuse of the term, as they are really “pseudoskeptics.” If anyone saw the recent SkepTalks by Mark Boslough and John Cook (both long-time friends), this talk is related, but focuses on other areas than theirs, so should have minimal overlap. WHO:  John Mashey received his PhD in Comp

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