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Critical Mass of Critical Thinking…

It’s been a busy time for Bay Area Skeptics.

There was a large San Francisco Bay Area skeptics contingent at the recent The Amaz!ng Meeting. This is the critical thinking conference hosted by the James Randi Educational Foundation held annually in Las Vegas.

We have also revived our SF Bay Area Skeptics lecture series. This commenced with “Are We Alone?”, a fascinating talk by Dan Werthimer, Chief Scientist of the SETI@home project at the University of California, Berkeley.

We’ve also been holding regular Skeptics in the Pub events throughout the Bay Area; including a night with Skeptics’ Guide to the Universe’s Jay Novella, and Skeptical Inquirer’s Ben Radford. We’re planning some exciting guests for our future events.

Visit this site and check out our Facebook group for upcoming talks and pub nights.

See you at one of our lectures or Skeptics in the Pub events soon!

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