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Happy 200th Birthday, Mr Darwin

Happy 200th (posthumous) Birthday to Charles Darwin.

He doesn’t look a day over 190…

This year marks the 200th year since Darwin was born, on February 12, 1809.

Celebrating this date, known as Darwin Day, is celebrating science, skepticism and humanity; and most of all, our better understanding of the way the world works.

This year also marks the 150th anniversary of the publication of the evolutionary biologist’s seminal work, On the Origin of Species.

To celebrate these two anniversaries, there are festivities throughout the world, and of course, across the Bay Area.

The festivities have already begun, with a lecture by our own Dr Genie Scott at the University of California Museum of Paleontology at UC Berkeley. The event was extremely popular!

On Sunday 8, 2009 the tireless Genie will be also be speaking at Evolutionpalooza!, a Darwin Day celebration to be held at San Francisco Main Branch Public Library. There will be other speakers, guests, games, drinks, and cake!

On Darwin Day itself, there will be an informal lecture at the California Academy of Sciences, or perhaps you’d simply be interested in a drink over a board game at Doc’s Clock?

These are just a few local events. To see what’s on where, check out the official Darwin Day site, and come visit us for future events!

Have a great Darwin Day, whatever you do…

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