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Here’s a good piece on Bay Area vaccination statistics, from this morning’s SF Chronicle.Mom & BabyMom & Baby

One of the few articles I’ve seen that explores the nuances of refusal — it goes beyond “gee, unvaccinating parents are all ignorant/selfish/health nut/California hippies/[insert pejorative of choice here]”.

I’ve always thought that for very many non-vaccinators, the main motivator was fear for the health/comfort of the child, and concern about the number and scheduling of vaccinations, rather than “vaccines are poison” mentality. That is a catchier meme for the press, though, and gets more eyeballs.

Plus, few articles explore under vaccination, which doesn’t necessarily rest with an ideological objection to vaccination and can be just that busy parents don’t get around to the full sequence, second innoculation, etc.

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