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A Founding Party!

Originally published in BASIS




June 1982

Have you grown weary of having a new acquaintance at a party inquire about your sign, rather than being interested in what you think?

Happily, there are many skeptics in the Bay Area. Come on out so that we can meet one another.

Saturday, June 26, 1982, 7:30 P.M. will be the founding party of the Bay Area Skeptics, at the home of Bob Steiner.

There will be snacks, conversation (REAL conversation), magic, planning, challenges, intellectual stimulation, and more.

One can just look around the Bay Area and realize that we seem to have more than our share of mystics. Come hither and see that there are a goodly number of real skeptics who dwell hereabouts: some are silent skeptics, and others are not so silent about it.

This party is the launch pad for the future ventures of Bay Area Skeptics. COME ON OUT!

Bring a spouse or date. And please feel free to invite other sincere skeptics.

BYOB. Smoking will be outside on the patio.

Bob Steiner
6000 Avila Avenue, Apt. D
El Cerrito, CA 94530
(415) 525-2841

Directions: Heading North of South on Routes 80 or 17, exit at Central Avenue, El Cerrito, heading towards the mountains. Somewhere between .3 and .7 miles (depending which route you come off of), you will arrive at Carlson Blvd., go one block, turn right onto Avila Ave. Park immediately. You are here.

We look forward to greeting you. Please remember: There will be only one Founding Party for the Bay Area Skeptics.

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