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Herb Masters

Thinking about Science?

The SciSchmooze 9.18.23

Herb Masters


Hello Curious Friends,

Let’s get this started… It seems that AI is everywhere. Some see it as a threat and others see it as a promise… Earlier there the hot item was the smart phone. How about a "smart toilet" that analyzes your urine stream and fecal deposits while taking a picture of your anus for good measure? There is so much to learn at the 

Not An Existentialized SciSchmooze!

Hello Fans of Science and Reason,

Well it was about here that the day shifted direction heavily. So now I’m picking it up, rather late in the day, and in a cheap and poor imitation of the tone and style of Stephen Colbert introducing his deeply missed “Meanwhile” I can only say that my twice monthly carefully “existentialized”, finely honed tour de week of science, art, and the purpose of the universe will only be a shadow and links of itself!

Too much or too little with the SciSchmooze

Greetings Fans of Science and Reason,

World Mosquito Day August 20th, is meant to celebrate the time in which Dr. Ross discovered that female mosquitoes transmit malaria between humans.

This weeks edition of the SciSchmooze is a bit different than usual. One of my biggest challenges is to say no to something that sounds interesting and/or fun. This week really hit me with this conundrum. So I am just going to put down a bunch of links and let you sort it out.

First though, you shou

Women in Science

with the SciSchmooze

16 Wonderful Women Scientists to Inspire Your Students

Hello Fans of Science and Reason,

I do have to admit that it is easy to accept claims when the evidence is plentiful yet still anecdotal and usually has no evidence to support it. I suggest that this may not be the best way to collect data and arrive at conclusions though. This is how many “misperceptions” gain traction and become, shall we sa

Laying Truth to SciSchmooze

Hello Science Fans,

I hope you are looking forward to the longest day of the year this week. This Tuesday June 21 at 7:57 AM marks the spot where the sun will be a its northernmost point for the year. It will rise about 5:47 AM and set at 8:34 PM. This marks the end of spring, and the beginning of summer with the longest day of the year. It will be 14 hours 47 minutes between sunrise and sunset or 5 hours 14 minutes longer than it was at its' shortest just 6 months ago. I often wonder how things were figured out before we had the benefits of so many great scientists and equipment.

Hello Science Fans,

I don't want to direct bad wishes to other countries or part of ours but, I'm glad it wasn't us that woke up to orange skies this time

A Brief Moment in Time with the SciSchmooze

Science Timeline Posterbook

Greetings Fans of Science and Reason,

Does it seem like the last week has been a blur or is it just me? Of course it turns out to be insanely complicated! I’m always amazed how differently the same event can be perceived by various observers, even if they are close friends or family. Of course a portion of this is based on how we got to where we are! (Sorry, I just h

Moms SciSchmooze Too!

Chien-Shiung Wu was a particle and experimental physicist; Wu worked on the Manhattan Project where she helped develop a process for separating uranium metal into U-235 and U-238 isotopes by gaseous diffusion.

Hello Mothers and the sons and daughters of Mothers,

I hope everyone is having an excellent Mother’s day. Did you get up early and make a fine cup of Kopi Luwak for the mom of the house? Let’s be honest here. None of us would be here without mothers or science. I like to think we celebrate scie

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