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Herb Masters

Doubting with the SciSchmooze

Herb Masters
10 June 2024

Greetings Science Appreciators, Critical Thinkers and Science and Reason based Skeptics,

The challenge of understanding the meaning, intent, and consequences of what we face these days is immense. I think we need to be able to have confidence in the validity of what you personally believe to make informed decisions that may have major consequences to each of us as well as to the community as a whole. So how do you know what to accept or believe?


Wait, just an attosecond, please.

Herb Masters
It's 5.20.24 with the SciSchmooze

Melvin Way, "Ruler of the Universe" (c. 1996) Courtesy Andrew Edlin Gallery

Greetings Friends of Science and Reason,

I have recently been noticing a lot of articles about how our world seems to be working now that we have really been tampering with it for the last few hundred years. One of the most compelling is Human Footprint | Top Predator | Episode 2 | PBS from PBS. (If you only open one link from this week’s missive I hope you can watch the

And the orbits go on…

herb masters
24.4.22 SciSchmooze

Saturn's Ears

Greetings Science Reasoning Readers,

These are amazing times to be alive. Humans have done fairly well for the last 300,000, or so, years. It seems that as we have become more numerous we have had to increase our resourcefulness and understanding of how things work. Many amazing things have been invented and discovered. Now after a few hundred years of 

Blowing Smoke with the SciSchmooze

4.15.2024 another taxing day
Herb Masters

Hello Science Fans and Acceptors,

I hope everyone had a chance to see the last week’s eclipse in one form or another. I was fortunate enough to see it with a few thousand people in Torreon, Mexico. They were in the park that surrounds the Planetarium in Torreon. It was great to experience it with a bunch of astronomy loving high schoolers who had been working for months with staff to collaborate with the 

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