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Space Aliens Infiltrate Bay Area


Robert Sheaffer

Originally published in BASIS




August 1982

“Psychic” Maria McKensie revealed in an interview with “The Examiner” (the national supermarket tabloid, not the local paper) that space aliens disguised as humans are roaming the streets of San Francisco! “I discovered them two years ago”, she says, “but I didn’t reveal their presence then because I was afraid it would start a panic.” Looking out her office window in San Francisco’s financial district, she reportedly became aware of people walking strangely — as if they weren’t fully adjusted to earth’s gravity. (In some circles, people like that are known as junkies.) “And even more strange, they always stayed in the same small area.”

It was two months before McKensie got up the courage to follow them. “They went into a Chinese restaurant, and disappeared into its back room.” She somehow found the courage to barge into that room, and discovered to her horror that “they all had six fingers of exactly the same length, and their skin was shiny and moist.” McKensie hit them “with a strong barrage of psychic energy”, but they fought back with their tremendous will. Soon afterward, the aliens’ skins “began to dissolve into powder”, and in a few minutes, all that was left was their clothing. Ms. McKensie laments that “I haven’t been able to locate them since.”

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