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Holiday Schmoozing

by Bob Siederer

Hello again Science Fans.

The Winter Solstice has just passed and from here on the days will be getting longer, bit by bit.  It is a busy time for sky watchers, with meteor showers, a comet, and an upcoming total lunar eclipse all happening now or soon.  King tides are also on tap this month and next.

But 50 years ago tomorrow a most amazing photograph was taken.  The astronauts in Apollo 8 took a picture of Earth from their position orbiting the moon.  Dubbed “Earthrise” by NASA, it has become an iconic picture and changed the way we view ourselves and our position in the cosmos.  It is worth another look. This article gives some perspective to the photo.

As the end of the year approaches you will see many “best of 2018” lists, including this one about science stories that shook 2018.

Tsunamis strike coastal areas after some seismic events.  Usually governmental agencies are able to give warnings so people have time to evacuate.  However, last night a tsunami struck Indonesia with no warning, apparently caused by an undersea landslide triggered by volcanic activity.  At least 220 people died..  Our thoughts are with those affected by this tragedy.

The calendar is pretty light over the holidays so I’ll let you pick your own favorites this week.

From all of us here at, seasons greetings!

Bob Siederer

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