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ScienceSchmooze Marches on 3.18.19

by Herb Masters

Hello Schmoozers and/or π Lovers,

I have to admit that I am amazed at all of the π celebrations and revelry last week.  It was great fun to see all of the efforts to engage all ages and education levels with π.  So because I had so much fun, I’d like to share a bit more π with you!  PBS it turns out has been celebrating π for quite awhile.  Check these out for a sample…   Science and tech come to pizza.  Deep dish or New York style?  How pi can solve your pizza order | PBS.   3 reasons Pi Day is a sham   One final π item…  π music for 114 years! 

We call this the Science Schmooze and the website is BayAreaScience but a major part of science is how it is understood and used.  I don’t often dive in to the topic this way but I came across a video that I think is really worth your time and consideration.  Data spies: The dark and shady practices of Silicon Valley 

We also try and steer away from partisan politics.  We support any political efforts to promote science as one of the best, if not the best, ways to understand and manage “everything”.  There is pretty clearly an element of society that doesn’t really want to make decisions based on “facts”.  You may have heard of the AAAS.  “Advancing science, engineering and innovation throughout the world for the benefit of all people” is what they do.  What you should also know is that you don’t need to be a scientist or engineer to join and your membership can help do a lot of good…  AAAS be part of the reaction.  Join us & get in on the movement.

Watch for an upcoming special offer from SkeptiCal.  You know how good the conference is, so sign up before the speakers are announced and get a special discount!  Keep checking the website!  sign up for updates! 

Of course there are plenty of amazing opportunities to learn this coming week.  Here are some that I think warrant your consideration…

  1. Antarctica: Life Under the Ice  6:30 Mon San Francisco
  2. Iconic Tower, Iconic Bird – Peregrines on the Campanile  6:30 Thu Berkeley
  3. Marine Science Sunday: The Big, The Small, and The Weird 10:00 Sun Sausalito

Acoustic metamaterial?  When do I want it?  The next time I go out to eat!  (Deep dive on hearing.)  If you want to get to that noisy restaurant faster you might find this useful…  Is It More Efficient to Stand or Walk on an Escalator?  BART escalators may suffer from external variables on this one.

Science!  Ain’t it great?
herbert a. masters III
ScienceSchmoozer and a shameless promoter of:
the SciSchmooze email list: 

“My dear nephew was only in his sixth year when I came to be detached from the family circle. But this did not hinder John and I from remaining the most affectionate friends, and many a half or whole holiday he was allowed to spend with me, was dedicated to making experiments in chemistry, where generally all boxes, tops of tea-canisters, pepper-boxes, teacups, &c., served for the necessary vessels, and the sand-tub furnished the matter to be analysed. I only had to take care to exclude water, which would have produced havoc on my carpet.”  Caroline Herschel, German-English astronomer (born 16 Mar 1750)

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