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Time to Schmooze 12.9.19

from the desk of Herb Masters

Hello Friends of Science and Reason,

Well here we are on the verge of our shortest day of the year.  Of course the day remains essentially the same but the period of daylight is what is really getting to the minimum!  I think we all think about time, one way or another.  It’s sort of like money, there’s never enough!  Set aside some time for this one I think it is fascinating and makes me think a lot… What is time? and Here’s Why Time Seems to Go So Fast These Days

It is amazing how often we think we know a lot or all of something and keep having to relearn new things and change our theories as we gather more beautiful information.  This can be, ourselves learning that we were personally wrong about something, or that the human brain trust of scientists are surprised at some new discoveries about something they have been looking at for hundreds of years.   Have you been following Parker?  The Parker Solar Probe is the first mission named for a living scientist: Dr. Eugene Parker, who theorized the existence of the solar wind.

The holidays only reduce the number of presentations that we have the opportunity catch but the quality is still great.  Here are a few to consider this week…

  1. Ocean Research Ship Tours  Mon and Tue 9 to 4 San Francisco
  2. Are you sure that sippy-cup is safe?  Thu 7:30  Berkeley
  3. Life Out of Balance: After Dark  Thu 6:00 San Francisco

I want to remind you that now is the time to sign up and check out what opportunities you might find at the California Academy of Sciences.  You don’t need to be a scientist to do this!  Go ahead do it now and it won’t be a New Years resolution so you can just do it without resenting it!

Here’s something for all you STEM women.  Be “In The Know” with Cat Bobino!  In The Know: Women in STEM video

Why is NASA gluing things to the heads of seals?  Canine exceptionalism  Will science ever catch up?  About that metric system…

When’s the Right Time to Get Your Flu Shot?  Vaccines are one of the most cost-effective health technologies ever invented.

Have some great celebrations in the next few weeks.  I’ll be back at the keyboard next year.  Don’t worry the SciSchmooze will be here next week but we are going to take a break for a week.

Keep those petri dishes and flasks clean.
herb masters
“Don’t spend time beating on a wall, hoping to transform it into a door.”  Coco Chanel

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