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Greetings People of Science and Reason,

I have to say that we are living in a very interesting time.  Rest assured I am not going to repeat or rephrase what we are hearing so much.  There is a wealth of generally agreeing sources for how to get through these times of challenge, and yes, some fear.  I only want to share a couple of items directly relating to covid-19.  I am often concerned about the proliferation of bad science and bad information and the potential they have for doing harm.  Here’s an article that I think warrants some attention… Fake news about Covid-19 can be as dangerous as the virus.  A source of info that I have found interesting is Worldometer, and their two pages at COVID-19 CORONAVIRUS / WHO, COVID-19 CORONAVIRUS / USA

A good friend of mine, Noelle, suggested that a lot of you may be struggling with what to do with your kids if their schools are closed.  We live in an area that is rich in resources such as this.  Many of them reach far beyond the walls of their buildings and even the SF Bay Area.  Here are some that might help you get through these trying times…

Science Snacks– The explOratorium has always promoted inquiry.  Many of their exhibits point out a single phenomenon.  The idea is that you will recognize it somewhere else and you will be inspired to learn more.  With Science Snacks you can do a lot of it without going to a museum at all!
Do Science Now– The Lawrence Hall of Science is based at a major educational institution.  Check out their Science Apps and Activities.
All educators (that’s you) are welcome– If you grew up in the area you probably went on a field trip to the CalAcademy.  You are an educator if you spend time with kids.  Check out some of their resources.
Science Experiments for Kids– When CuriOdyssey reopens you really need to check out this gem.  In the meantime check out their STEM activities.
Learn & Create– “We believe that interactive engagement with ideas, materials, the environment, and technology promotes creativity, critical thinking, problem solving and growth.”  I couldn’t have said it better.
techbridge girls– In case you never heard of them… now you have

There are still some great places that are open with lots of fresh air and room to “social distance”.  Consider zoos and parks.  Check out a low or high tide at Bair Island and go back for the opposite after doing something else!   So while there aren’t a lot of presentations still going on for awhile, there’s still a lot of cool ways to learn.  For anything you find on the BayAreaScience/SciSchmooze calendar be sure to check the website of the presenting organization for updates before you go.  Note that I am deleting the descriptions of all that we know are cancelled or postponed, but you still need to check before you go to any we list.   Here’s a few options for the week…

  1. Diverse Perspectives on Conservation Action in California  6:00 Wed Berkeley
  2. Saturdays in the Garden  and  Trekking the Model 1:00 Sat Sausalito  2 for 1!
  3. Marine Science Sunday: The Big, The Small, and The Weird 10:00 Sun Sausalito

Just in case you are interested in some other resources…
13 Coronavirus myths busted by science
Tips and tools to help you better understand cancer risk, scientific research and clinical studies
I hope you have a healthy, safe, and inspiring week. 
Throw in some joy and fun to.
herb masters
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