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Hello Science Inclined People,

I woke up to the news of more hate and violence. This time in Colorado Springs. I just want to say that we all need to be proactive. If any of us hears someone spouting hate, willful ignorance, or lies, we really need to stand up for science and how well we are informed by it in certain realms. I don’t think there is anyone who is 100% single gender. Male or female? It’s not always so simple Information. Brief: SEX, GENDER AND GENETICS

It has been quite a week. On Nov 15 the world population passed 8 BILLION! That is terrifying to me. I don’t know about you, but I have always wondered why so many think it is ok to harvest, extract, or mine until there’s none of it left and then complain after it’s all gone. It has gone from individual resources to most of or all of a habitat. That only leads to the problem of what to do with all of the waste we humans produce, especially in “advanced” countries or cultures (these cross national boundaries). Consider how we handle the need for a precious resource and how we fall for nonsense. Looking back at the earth from Artemis 1, the earth looks like it did 50 years ago from Apollo 17

I’ve said it many times but science (and art) are tools that help us understand how we fit in and how we can survive and thrive. Have you ever wondered why people squint? We humans have developed very precise measures of stuff but too often money is the easiest way to measure something and that is not very good way to look to the future. Some think that the resources of the planet should be shared more equitably as well. It used to be thought that humoralism was how to care for and treat our bodies. Sadly it seems that some of this continues as a kind of Toxic Treason Of Junk Science. We have much to learn. The Evidence Shows Big Fears Little Risks

A lot of the organizations are taking the week off so the number of opportunities to go and learn new things formally or informally is a bit reduced from normal. So I’m only going to suggest these.

– Go outside, find something beautiful, watch it and wonder. Then go learn about it.
– San Francisco Free Museum Weekend Dec 3-4 is coming. Check it out. Don’t go where you’re a member, go somewhere else!
– Saturday, 11/26/22
– LIVE 7:15 a.m. EST (12:15 UTC), Monday, Nov. 21: Live coverage of Orion’s first flyby of the Moon

One resource that is not often looked at for interesting data is the US Census. Here’s an interesting looking resource if you are curious about how census data can be used… Census Academy

Here’s a bit of great trivia. What patent for a very science based toy was issued 156 years ago today?

Now for some more links…

Artemis 1 Reference Guide for the serious fan who knows where Artemis is now.
A fiery hourglass star
Is Physical Law an Alien Intelligence?
Understanding the periodic table
Synthetics we can use
Big Fears Little Risks

Here is some Food Science for one of the biggest weeks of American Culinary Science. I hope you have a great celebration with friends and family the next time you have a glass of cabernet with a hot, hearty meal, know that you are following a centuries-old tradition of keeping the cold at bay with food4 Food Items That Sound Healthy, But Really Aren’t

Have a great week eating and learning. Remember it’s much harder to learn too much than eat too much!
herb masters

Enjoy the Sound of Science

“I used to wonder how it comes about that the electron is negative. Negative-positive—these are perfectly symmetric in physics. There is no reason whatever to prefer one to the other. Then why is the electron negative? I thought about this for a long time and at last all I could think was “It won the fight!” Albert Einstein:

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