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Eunice Foote

Hello Science Fans,

I have to admit that I have been enjoying the longer days. Too bad it all stops tonight at 8:32 PM. Time and experience aren’t always exactly as they appear though. It’s interesting that time seems to pass at different rates as well. Not so long ago there seemed to be little or no problem and only a general awareness of climate change and the problems that might be ahead. Take for instance the number 418.24. It doesn’t seem like a number that we should be concerned with. What about 418.24 ppm? Ask the folks in Foster City what they think about it! You may never of heard of Eunice Foote. In 1856 she presented “Circumstances Affecting the Heat of the Sun’s Rays” to the AAAS. “If Only 19th-Century America Had Listened to a Woman Scientist”

Now that there has been so much progress in getting control of the pandemic the opportunities to get out and see some of your favorite museums are really great news. Of course you have to consider the explOratorium in San Francisco. They open to members and donors this week on Thursday 6.24 after 15 months! They open to the public on July 1. I really do suggest that you get a membership so that you can beat the crowds. I have been able to see some of what’s going to be going on and suggest you get in there early. Check out Aperture LucidaStories of ChangeSensor Fusion for some ideas of what is going on.

This coming week as always has a lot of new things to learn and think about. Here are three that I think are worth a look at:

Living on the Edge: The Future of Coastal Cities is happening on Mon @ 12:30
Mount St. Helens Revisited: Lives Changed, Lessons Learned, and Legacies of the 1980 Eruptions Thu @ 7:00
Low Tide Ecology Program is a great excuse to get out on a Sunday morning @ 9:30

Here’s a couple of incredible videos that really made me think and I still talk about them to friends. Just what do you think muscle memory is and what can you do with it?

Anyone who knows me, will tell you that I don’t do kids. This look into the minds of some kids is incredible.

Here’s your FunVax conspiracy theory for the week!

Take note that the item I started with happens tomorrow at 3:32 AM in Accra, Ghana!


Have a great week learning new and interesting things.
herb masters


“Nothing in life is to be feared. It is only to be understood.” Marie Curie

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