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Art and Science with the SciSchmooze

from the desk of Herb Masters

Hello Science Fans and Practitioners,

I haven’t said it in awhile but I really like to think of science and art as complementing each other.  After all, they are both expressions of how we experience and interpret just about everything.  They both continue to grow, and inform us in new ways to see and experience just about everything.  In the last year we have seen so much change in how we perceive science and art due to changes in social and science based understanding.  Sadly there have been many tragedies that have brought us to understand and fight against many of the inequities that have been prevalent for so long, be they racegendercircumstance, or privilege.  This isn’t necessarily a new thing.  While there is much work to be done to overcome these challenges, there is still amazing research going on that some would call research for knowledge sake.  This would be what is called basic research by many.  Research that will yield new answers to new and existing problems and that will inspire humans to continue to grow, if we survive.

There are so many exciting things happening in science currently that it is a bit overwhelming if you think about all of it.  Kitty Hawk on Mars What’s next… What can we do? There’s so much!

Here are a few presentations to check out this week…   
Is Artificial Intelligence Racist? Tue @ 11:00,  
Ask the Scientist – Ed Gross  Wed @ 2:00,   
After Dark Online: Earth Day  Thu @ 7:00

Further distractions for this week!  Predictions About the 21st Century: What They Got Right & Wrong has some great insights.  Do you ever wonder how some things get counted?  Don’t try to change someone else’s mind.


I hope that you have a week that is better than you planned or hoped for.
herb masters


“The greatest scientists are artists as well” Albert Einstein

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