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Is it SciArt or ArtSci?

SciSchmooze 2.21.22

from the desk of herb masters

Maria Mitchell, standing at telescope, with her students at Vassar
A picture from JWST

Hello Supporters of Science and Reason

Well this seems to be a dated week doesn’t it! There certainly seem to be more dates to celebrate than I notice normally. Science and history do seem like they should make good bedfellows though it seems like many people wouldn’t want to let history and science get in the way of their agenda!

It was only 549 years ago that Copernicus was born and started his study to move the earth! He wasn’t the first to come up with heliocentrism but he made a big mark in history. It was only 60 years ago John Glenn flew in to the history books. It was just a year ago that Perseverance landed on Mars and is going strong while chasing Ingenuity, there is a lot to see and hear about. While Mars was capturing lots of attention and photo ops, science has been getting attention here too. The James Webb Space Telescope is already starting to prove itself and it isn’t complaining about it being 522°F hotter on one side than the other!

I have often talked about how science and art compliment each other. Here are a few items that might intrigue you with that idea. The Union of Concerned Scientists is presenting The Poetry of Science Tue @ 4:00 (PT). Achieving Perspective: Trailblazing Astronomer Maria Mitchell and the Poetry of the Cosmic Perspective by Pattiann Rogers with David Byrne make for good reading and listening as well. Of course exploring the world through science, art, and human perception is an excellent way to see how they complement each other. One might also consider the fun of art as applied science! I suspect that any sport can use some science enhancement as well.

In this day and age science certainly seems to be the best way to support a healthy life.

How Does Anyone Stay Healthy in a World Full of Germs? Some things seem timeless… Ancient Greeks lived through a plague, and blamed their leaders too! We’ve all tried it or had someone try it on us… Does scaring people work when it comes to health messaging? Science is pretty careful and tries to be accurate but what does scientific consensus mean? Take climate change for instance.

Of course there are plenty of opportunities to learn about a lot of these topics and issues in the coming weeks. May I suggest:

Marine Mammals of the World: A Comprehensive Guide to Their Identification Mon @ 7:00

Ask the Scientist – Sarah Smith – Livestream Wed @ 2:30 Especially if you are a 5th-12th grade student, undergraduate, teacher or parent!

Kombucha Science Workshop: Intro to Kombucha Brewing & Science Sun @ 10:00

You may have heard about the lost rocket that’s heading for the moon on March 4. It’s not what you thought! If you think we really are going to be able to give up our masks you might want to plan ahead some… 65creative ways to reuse a face mask

Have you heard some of the 2.22.22 myth? I hope you have a great TwosdayIt’s not this (you should watch that!) or this but it is apophenia. My schadenfreude may be showing but, really? Dr. Oz’s Sad Trip Down the Rabbit Hole Do people ever read the label?… Sustainably Sourced Whole Food Source Non-GMO No Gluten No Soy No Corn that’s what the website says!

How to Spot Misinformation Online

One of the coolest jobs must be being an astronaut with spare time on the ISS! Here’s a not so new excuse for missing or being late for work… I was brewing beer or I was bit by a scorpion!

Have a great week learning new things about how our universe works.
herb masters

“There is a demon in technology. It was put there by man and man will have to exorcise it before technological civilization can achieve the eighteenth-century ideal of humane civilized life.”
“Eradication of microbial disease is a will-o’-the-wisp; pursuing it leads into a morass of hazy biological concepts and half truths.”

René Dubos, French-American microbiologist and environmentalist (born1.20.1901).

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