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with the SciSchmooze 7.18.22

Humans took this picture!

Hello Reasonable and Sciencey readers,

So let me start by saying that the JWST image reveal was amazing. (Side note: It is also amazing that NASA can do that, but they can’t put on a smooth web presentation!-) Here’s how to be gobsmacked by the advances from Hubble to JWST! Professor Andrew Fraknoi has a nice explanation of the images at Peering Inside a Quartet of Galaxies Here’s a pretty good story of how we got to where we are now.

One of many new hot topics is monkeypox. If not science, what would medicine be based on? Be aware of the source and trustworthiness of the source! I’ve mentioned this before, but be sure to check out How to Spot Misinformation Online as well. Another hot topic (pun? Yes) is climate change, or as many still call it, global warming. Based on the recent news it would seem that ‘Global Warming’ is the operative term! Tropical wetlands, getting wetter with climate change, emerge as hot spots for heat-trapping gas.

Though it is summer and there aren’t as many listings on our calendar there are still many worth checking out. Here are a few to consider…
 Travels into Astronomical History with the Antique Telescope Society: part II Wed @ 7:00, 
After Dark: Build Thu @ 6:00,
STEM Saturday Summer Science Series Sat @ 10:00.

I hope some of you were able to join in on SkeptiCal 2022 this weekend. If you bought a ticket you can watch the presentations now. Over the next few months you will be able to see them as they are released on the Bay Area Skeptics YouTube channel for all to watch.

Also of note is 7.18 is the last day to register for Confidence & Curiosity: Engaging Girls in Informal Science. Who should attend? Science museum docents, staff nature center guides, informal STEM educators, youth leaders, amateur astronomers, and anyone else who engages the public in the joy of science. I think it is worth noting that women have been scientists pretty much as long as men have. At least since Athyrta! At first glance it would only appear that, according to the AWIS, pioneering women have existed only since photography became a thing! I wonder when the first woman scientist started her research?

Here are some other random links…

How long is 1”? How do you know?

When penguins let their feelings be known.

ClimateCraft Student Reporting Contest deadline for submissions is 9AM PST on Friday, September 16.

Cup o’Joe-But It’s Natural and Cruelty-Free!

Remember… The Universe doesn’t care about your intentions

Have a great week learning even more about how our universe works.
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