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Mooning the Sun with the SciSchmooze


Hello SciSchmoozers,

Well it has been a crazy week and I am going to have to just tease you with some various links that have provided some distraction from the news and life. It has been a challenging year and most people seem to want to get on to 2024. I love it when someone says they can’t wait until something completely out of there control happens! It’s not as if a new year will make any difference!!

These are pretty crazy times with people believing a lot of conspiracies that are hard to understand how they could even have been thought up. When I hear about someone who has “come around” to the ideas of science and how they explain this to others I cheer quietly to myself (and you!). Escape from the rabbit hole: the conspiracy theorist who abandoned his dangerous beliefs. Here’s an interesting contrast… Maestro of more than music

There are some great opportunities to learn cool and new stuff this week. I’m on the road and not nearly as good at this as Bob is so please bare with me. Here are a few presentations that look pretty interesting this coming week.

And there are many more!

I’m curious how many of you are going to go somewhere to see the annular eclipse. There’s so much to be amazed by and learn about how our own little section of the solar system works. Consider this weekend a warmup for the total solar eclipse that is coming next year. (Yes, you have to wait!)

Before the weekend… Draconid meteor shower 2023: All you need to know

Learn about the Upcoming Solar Eclipses (with Andrew Fraknoi) – Livestream

Immerse yourself in the eclipse experience.

Annular solar eclipse coming on October 14!

7 tips for viewing the sun safely

Here’s a note from Alex Filippenko… I encourage you to view the partial eclipse, even if you don’t go to the path of annularity. For example, seen from Berkeley, CA, about 77% of the Sun will be covered. The beginning, middle, and end of the eclipse will be at 8:05 am, 9:19 am, and 10:42 am PDT (respectively) — I got this information by clicking on Berkeley on the map at Eclipse Map — October 14, 2023 Annular Solar Eclipse .

This seems to be worthy of eclipse related attention… Nichelle Nichols – The Unseen Interview

Looking ahead, be sure to catch The Joy of Science – 10/16/2023 05:30 PM if you possibly can. and there will be a fun Halloween party at CSICon in a few weeks and there’s still time to register!

Are you a coffee drinker/user? The Design of Coffee: An Introduction to Chemical Engineering

Computers, AI, and digital life seems to continue to garner attention for various reasons… 1969: Introducing the MOOG SYNTHESISERHere’s What Jesus Really Looked Like, According to AIUsing DNA evidence to picture suspects

I just got my first set of hearing aids and this article has a certain resonance!… Loud sounds at movies and concerts can cause hearing loss, but there are ways to protect your ears

Here’s another proposal for how to teach the world view in schools.

Have a great week learning cool new stuff.
herb masters

“The science-denial machinery is a serious adversary, and it has a big advantage over real science: it does not need to win its dispute with real science; it just needs to create a public illusion that there is a dispute.”
Sheldon Whitehouse

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