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Hello Fans of Science and Reason,

Well it was about here that the day shifted direction heavily. So now I’m picking it up, rather late in the day, and in a cheap and poor imitation of the tone and style of Stephen Colbert introducing his deeply missed “Meanwhile” I can only say that my twice monthly carefully “existentialized”, finely honed tour de week of science, art, and the purpose of the universe will only be a shadow and links of itself!

So let’s all watch and have a good smile wondering what the Kagu are they thinking?

I have always been a fan of space exploration. In the old days when adventurers went to some new land (to them) they often just said it was theirs when they got there even though there were already people living there with rich cultures already. Let’s just say some things have changed. Now that Chandrayaan-3 has landed on the moon it appears that the hot new gift is an acre of Moon! It does make you wonder how mapping Mars could help us live there

We also tend to forget or not know about what happened even in our own locales before we showed up. Consider how much Buried History must be under San Francisco and what people knew about astronomy before the current settlers came and threw them off their land. Eclipses are nothing new, it’s just that they are much easier to predict and learn about… What did the Navajo know about eclipses?

Sadly we are still in the covid era and don’t really know if it’s the middle or nearing the end of it. Fortunately you can easily see what your local epidemiologist thinks. There are even 7 questions with answers ready for you and your family to help you prepare for fall.

I must say that ‘Absolutely Devastating News’: about Antarctica doesn’t give me much hope for Putting conservation gardening into practice.

Fall is rapidly approaching. Though not necessarily cool weather and air cleaned by gently rainfall. That means that it’s time to start preparing to make some tough decisions about what cool and interesting science topic you would like to explore. This week offers some interesting one, such as…

This is Not Your Usual Heat Extreme – Livestream – Tue 09/12 11:00 AM
The False Promise of Optimization – 09/12/2023 07:00 PM
Use and Abuse of Science in the World of Sport: 2 Talks- Livestream – 09/13 03:00 PM
Skeptalk: Origins of the COVID-19 Pandemic – Livestream – 09/14/2023 07:30 PM

Our normal format is that we feature short “one and done” types of learning opportunities. Sometimes opportunities arise that, while they don’t fit our calendar format we think you need to know about them so you can decide if you really want to miss it. A Tourist Tour of the Universe is one of those we need to make sure you know about. The “TTotUn” is a 6-week, richly illustrated tour of the universe as astronomers understand it today, presented in everyday language and without any math. It starts on Tue Oct 10 and lasts for 2 hours each week. It is being taught by Professor Andrew Fraknoi, who I happen to think is a great lecturer that you really should experience yourself. You need to register for this. Follow these three easy steps to register: Sign in or create a free account then Join the Institute and finally, Register for the class.

Here’s a cool resource DoseNet Empowering students and communities through a network of radiation and environmental sensors!

Have you ever wondered Why The United States Didn’t Adopt the Metric System

One last one… Please don’t tell me you use this stuff (insert real voice of contempt here)… Taopatch isn’t applied Science or even Research

Have a great week learning cool and interesting things about how the universe works and get some rest!
herb masters

“Life need not be easy, provided only that it is not empty.”
Lise Meitner, physicist who discovered nuclear fission

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