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Schmoozing to Equinox

Herb Masters
March 19

Hello Science, Reason, and Irish for a day (or more), Inclined Readers,

I’m going to go much lighter this week. Last week was loaded with a lot of links and content.

missed it last week but Feb 11 it was International Day of Women and Girls in Science. I personally think more than a month should be “allotted” for this rather than just a day. But keep in mind that today is the illustrious St. Pat’s Day and There have been many Irish scientists and inventors that should be given credit where credit is due! Scientists should have many days throughout the year dedicated to them! You might consider getting ready for Nov 10-17! Here’s one more article of stimulating thoughts and conversation.

Last week, science faired well at the Academy Awards with Oppenheimer taking the best picture award. Too bad women were so underrepresented. If you haven’t seen it, I recommend it.

“At 3:30 we returned on just in time for Sir Norman Lockyer’s Eclipse drill… they were guite ready for the Eclipse if it should come a day too soon!”

So let’s take a look at some upcoming opportunities coming in the next week. I think these look particularly interesting.

1- Virtual Tour: Caltrain Electric Trains Deep Dive Wed @ 12:30

2- The UFO Movie THEY Don’t Want You to See – Livestream Th @ 4:00

3- Rocketfest Wed 10:00-4:00 Oakland

4- Twilight Marsh Walk Sat @ 6:30 Fremont

5- Historic Women of Mycology – Livestream – 03/21/2024 06:30 PM

If you happen to be in Pacific Grove on Tues evening… If I had a Magic Wand…”Stories of how Hospice and Palliative Medicine can make wishes come true

Check out some of these…

Silent Crickets

SWOT Satellite Catches Coastal Flooding During California Storms

An Alligator in Mesa Park?

Trends in US public confidence in science and opportunities for progress

Fruit Chaos Is Coming

The future of US astronomy just dimmed by half

Look Underneath

You should, whether you should go to see the eclipse or if you stay home to watch it, be making plans, time is short. Here are a few links for you to check out for info… Eclipsophile, and Immerse yourself

A request for you… Please share this with others. Have them subscribe. The only thing we get out of all of the work we do, Bob in particular, is the feedback and thanks we get from you and the satisfaction of getting the word out that science has something for all of us. Thanks for reading and all of the support you give in feedback and suggestions. Keep them coming!

Have a great week learning new cool things and enjoying old familiar things in a new way with new friends.
herb masters

“I’m the type of woman that if I want the Moon, I’ll get it down myself.”
Frida Kahlo

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