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The Meaning of Science (with schmooze)

The Seamstress Who Solved the Ancient Mystery of the Argonaut

Happy New Year!

The holidays came to a sudden end with the happenings in Washington. Thank goodness it wasn’t a repeat of 2 years ago. I don’t know about you but I have been craving some good background music and images. Instead of the old Yule Log video you might want to try these for the stormy days ahead. If you’re feeling like you want a little space and some sunshine you might want to head to the not so local Namib watering hole. Here’s one in case you want to have a more expansive vision. A little bit more static but these are still beautiful sights. If you are one of those that simply must disturb the neighborhood or know someone like that, this may be useful!

Have you been getting enough sleep and a good breakfast to start the day with! You might enjoy ‘Eight hours’ sleep and breakfast!’  It does get you started thinking about what we take for fact that might be worth checking out. Why Art Is Vital To The Study Of Science is an interesting article which highlights museums and reminds us about the necessity of art in science, like the explOratorium does. (Does the audio version of the article sound like an artificial voice?) Here’s another take on it… “Does Art Inform Science?”

There’s a new series that has just come on-line and will be on PBS soon. If you watch SEARCHING Our Quest for Meaning in the Age of Science, let us know what you think of it. It is amazing how many people have made such important contributions to science!

There are always retrospectives… I won’t even try. Here’s one of the best science of 2022 retrospectives I have seen. Nature’s biggest news stories of 2022

Now that the holidays are mostly done and the days are getting longer there are more cool opportunities to hear about and discuss what’s happening in science and our communities. Here are a few to consider for the next week…

– Wonderfest: Going to the Stars – The First Mission to Proxima Centauri Mon @ 7:00
– After Dark: Sharing Places Thu @ 6:00
– Family Nature Walks – Foothills Nature Preserve Sat @ 11:00

There have been so many cool stories that popped up over the last few weeks I can’t keep track of all of them. One of my favorite stories of the last century or so is the Antikythera Mechanism. But wait there’s a lot of other odd things! How about the physics of a splash-free urinal?

Are you a bird person? Have you ever noticed when your flying on an airplane how cold it is outside when you are cruising at altitude? Does this make you wonder how a bird could fly over Mt. Everest? If you haven’t wondered about that, consider The Seamstress Who Solved the Ancient Mystery of the Argonaut and much more. Amidst all of the talk of anthropogenic climate change have you wondered about the Deep Anthropocene? You might want to consider the Brine Pool the Hot Tub of Despair.

Every grain of sand is a jewel. They are free, but it is amazing what you can find at an auction. Please check out Auction ProspectusNow on view, by Andrew Fraknoi.

It’s a new year! Start learning new things!
herb masters

“The saddest aspect of life right now is that science gathers knowledge faster than society gathers wisdom.” Isaac Asimov

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