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Hello Science based thinkers!

What a way to end a week. It wasn’t that long ago that we learned that The Pentagon Started Taking U.F.O.s Seriously. But recently it seems there have been a few events that might make people take UFOs more seriously. Consider March 26, 2021 and just a few hours ago… also worth noting I think is Elon Musk on Saturday Night Live about the same time! I think he did far better than most people expected. I suggest you watch the whole Mother’s Day show. Given some of the conspiracy theories that are spreading around the web these days I wonder how long it will be until we get reports of a UFO demonstrating incredible ingenuity on Mars.

I can’t help but comment that vaccination “hesitancy” seems to be making it hard on everyone to one degree or another. It is still a topic of a lot of discussion and there are some interesting resources on line and coming up that are worth checking out. Here’s a few…

Worth A Shot anytime

Virus: Vaccinations, the CDC, and the Hijacking of America’s Response to the Pandemic Thu @ 4:00

Vaccine hesitancy in the era of COVID Thu @ 7:30

Even in S.F. Bay Area, many people refuse to get shots.

 Fake science and the knowledge crisis: ignorance can be fatal

 Vaccines & US: Cultural Organizations for Community Health 

A year ago we were thinking we’d be back to hearing scientists talk in person. Needless to say that has changed. One of the “benefits” is that many organizations have been able to bring in a far greater range of presenters. Several different groups in the bay area focused on local presenters because we are so fortunate to have so many in the area. After we get everything opened up again it will be interesting to see who goes to local venues to see these presentations. Look for some creative ways to engage.

This week we are still going to be watching remotely. Here are few that I think you might find interesting…

Slugs and Steins: A Century of Paradigm Shifts in our Understanding of the Universe – Livestream Mon 6:30

The Science of Change – Livestream Tue @ 3:00 So timely!

After Dark Online: Sustainable Energy Thu @ 7:00

I recommend that you check out From Water to Human Dynamics: Taking a Non-traditional path to make chemistry more inclusive – Livestream Sat @ 10:30 Here’s some related reading… Mary SomervilleEmmy NoetherHistory of Women in Science and Technology. Science has a long and rich history of unique people who have had to struggle to make a difference and go against the current beliefs, check out Famous Black Scientists in HistoryFamous Arab & Persian Scientists and their InventionsFemale Scientists Who SlayAsian Scientists in History. Here’s another interesting story from not that long ago, The Botanist Who Defied Stalin.

Are you interested in taking a crack at helping with scientific research? BOINC might be for you!

I’d really prefer rain and snow but that shouldn’t stop you or me from learning cool new stuff. I hope we all do, this week.
herb masters

“The colour of the skin is in no way connected with strength of the mind or intellectual powers.” –Benjamin Banneker

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