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Underwater with the SciSchmooze

Not always

Photo by Oleksandr Sushko on Unsplash

Greetings Science fans,

It’s been awhile since I did the “Schmooze”. That doesn’t mean that I haven’t been thinking of science and how we deal with it. It does mean that I have read and viewed a lot of sciencey things, more than what I can share here. So this will be a bit different from my usual format.

Here are two takes on life underwater… bubble-net feeding and Icy determination. How about skydiving salamanders? (salamanders that parachute) Compare them to space debris. We have much to learn about just about everything! There will always be challenges that we didn’t anticipate, consider How three Ukrainian scientists are surviving Russia’s brutal war. Even today there are challenges to what we think we know… ‘Huh, That’s Funny’ (note: that took a 4500 ton 4 story tall piece of equipment). Then when you look back at Ancient Technologies

Some people cringe at the thought of mathematics while others embrace it. Here are two items that you might enjoy sharing with someone who is learning math or avoiding it. You really should watch The Incomprehensible Scale of 52! (Note that’s not an ‘!’!) This might inspire some young Math Magicians

There are so many opportunities to be inspired. Here are a few that I think look interesting…

Games, Stories, and Science for Successful Public Engagement – Livestream Tu 6:14

How Do New Birds Species Arise – Livestream Thu 6.16

Family Nature Walks – Baylands Nature Preserve Sat 6.18

Here’s another great opportunity. Check out who’s speaking at SkeptiCal 2022 on July 16/17. You should check it out and register now.

Science is not fixed. We are continually learning new stuff about the universe we share. This requires that we continue to be open to finding out that we are occasionally wrong, either by our mistake, having learned something incorrectly, or new information has presented itself. Here’s an interesting discussion worth some time. (It’s a bit long but worth the listen) The Case for Living Scientifically

If you happen to be flying in or out of Harvey Milk Terminal 1 @ SFO be sure to leave some time to see Curiosity & Discovery: Antique Scientific Instruments, it’s a darned shame that you have to have a boarding pass to see it.

 Have a great week learning new and cool stuff.
herb masters

The best science museums inspire inquiry.  When someone leaves the museum and recognizes in the world what they saw in the museum, the museum did it’s job.

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