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Herb Masters

by Herb Masters

At least if you can vote legally!!!

Have you voted yet?  If you read the SciSchmooze, I like to think you are an informed and thoughtful voter.  Granted for many of us it won’t take a lot of thought to decide on some issues but there are some that really do need some careful analysis, especially if you are trying to make a decision based on what’s best for all rather than just for you and me.  (Thanks if you were really thinking about me!)
This has been a rough week for the country.  I’m not even going to comment on the hate that some folks have for others.  I will only say that those that think their rights supersede those of others, really missed something in school and growing up.   As Jim Jeffries closes every show with “I think we can all do better”, I just wish we could all be better sooner. 
As always climate change is stimulating discussions and interest everywhere.  Here’s an interesting story… How the Farm Bureau’s Climate Agenda Is Failing Its Farmers   

by Herb Masters

Greetings Voters for Science (and Future Voters too!)

What can every adult in the country do to promote and protect science? VOTE!!!   VOTE FOR SCIENCE!!! What can every kid do to help? Tell everyone you know that is old enough to vote that they need to make sure their voter registration is up to date, and they need to vote for science, reason, and critical thinking. Why is this so important? I'm only going to address one subject for this need now. I think there is a good case to be made that we need to get rid of people in places of power or leadership that say things like this or this. By voting we can help make it a better world for all of us.

Do you take "dietary supplements"? Do you think they are a waste of money? Have you ever considered that most of them have some sort of disclaimer saying they haven't been tested for efficacy or safety? Here's an article that might make

by Herb Masters

Greetings Science-based thinkers and acceptors!

I'm always amazed by what comes across my monitor, radio, or ears on the street. Seemingly crazy or unfounded challenges to science just don't seem to go away, both internationally and nationally, conspiracies that just don't make sense, and why some people just won't pay attention to the smoke, the clouds, or the professionals trying to protect them. Here's a different take on that. We certainly are fascinating animals! There also many things that should be celebrated. Consider th

So much Science so little Schmooze 9.10.18

by Herb Masters

Hello Science Fans,

Normally I’d write about some problems with how science is addressed in our communities. This week I want to highlight some end of the season opportunities that are going on as vacations come to an end and kids go back to school. There is a rather large conference going on this week, the Global Climate Action Summit has many well-known and popular people coming to SF. There are many events and presentations for the public that are linked to it… (so many in fact, over 300! that we aren’t listing most of them on our calendar! Granted, a lot are not open to the public.)

Here are a few that I hope to get to and think they might interest you to…
The U.S. premiere of COAL + ICE
by Herb Masters
Hi Fans of Evidence-based Science,

I don’t have a lot to say this week because I have been at a conference/birthday party. It was a party like I have never been to! Happy 60th lap Alex! I have been a bit disconnected and delayed in getting to the Schmooze this evening so I’m going to be brief and link heavy. I’m kind of wound up with astronomy stuff this week though the continuing assault on science and resistance to using good science by our elected representatives is making my skin crawl!

Often I look at science as an art form. I think art can be described as our effort to make sense of the world/universe we live in. Here’s two links that demonstrate this:  While Darwin Sleeps &  The majestic Earth. If you want more coolness, check out the  CalAcademy Sketchfab. In case you are trying to decide what to do this week, I have a few suggestions:
  1. ELIXIR | Odd Salon Tu

Star Showering with the SciSchmooze 8.13.18

by Herb Masters
Greetings Friends of Science,

I hope that you were or are able to catch some of the Perseid showers. They are quite refreshing as the evening cools off in August. The viewing has been particularly good this year. Be sure to check at the bottom of this page for a nice briefing on them that Alex Filippenko (you must watch that one!) has sent to us.

It has been quite a week in space news. The Parker Solar Probe has begun it’s

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